Welcome to my Embodied Brain website. It is home to the three mindfulness practices I am offering these days:

– Open Floor Movement Meditation
– 5 Rhythms® workshops
– Mindfulness Self Compassion (MSC)

For details of each of these practices scroll down to the coloured buttons below.


During this Covid-19 virus pandemic I am not teaching any classes in person.

I have a 5 Rhythms Movement class each Tuesday morning 10-11.30am.

If you wish to join email me at caitriona@embodiedbrain.ie.

There are also a number of One-Day workshops each month to April. And the dates for Summer School  2021 are on the website.

All details on the calendar of this website

Finally, I have  a series of mini movement sessions (8/10/12 minute long) made for Connemara Community Radio which I would like to share with you under the Mini Movement Series section.

Stay well, stay safe and stay sane.

Let me share this beautiful poem that speaks so well of the essence of my work, and especially Embodied Presence/Embodied Brain

Self-Observation Without Judgment (Danna Faulds)

Release the harsh and pointed inner
voice. it’s just a throwback to the past,
and holds no truth about this moment.

Let go of self-judgment, the old,
learned ways of beating yourself up
for each imagined inadequacy.

Allow the dialogue within the mind
to grow friendlier, and quiet. Shift
out of inner criticism and life
suddenly looks very different.

i can say this only because I make
the choice a hundred times a day to release the voice that refuses to
acknowledge the real me.

What’s needed here isn’t more prodding toward perfection, but
intimacy – seeing clearly, and
embracing what I see.

Love, not judgment, sows the
seeds of tranquility and change.
From “One Soul”

Open Floor

Open Floor Movement Practice is an embodied movement meditation practice dedicated to exploring and integrating the wisdom of many conscious movement practices.


5 Rhythms®

The 5 Rhythms® is a movement meditation practice that contributes to physical, mental and emotional health.


Self Compassion

With self-compassion we treat ourselves with kindness, care, understanding and support – Mindfulness allows us to turn toward painful feelings and “be” with them as they are.


Embodied Presence 8

A yearlong self-focused study in Compassion, Positivity and Resilience using Open Floor Movement Practice, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Compassion and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

New Book

Against the Wind

from Endurance to Enjoyment

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Embodied Brain – Mindful Movement and Neuroscience

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