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– Open Floor Movement Meditation Practice

– 5 Rhythms® Movement Practice

Embodied Presence/Embodied brain ongoing Group process.

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 I  have in person workshops and classes plus a weekly zoom 5 Rhythm class,-please book before 6pm on Mondays before the class to receive the zoom link- all details on the calendar of this website

For those of you who would like a little taste of mindful movement I have  a series of mini movement sessions (8/10/12 minute long) made for Connemara Community Radio which I would like to share with you under the Mini Movement Series section.

Be well,

Let me share this beautiful poem that encourages us to trust in ourselves…..



If death is inevitable, if it is a sure
thing that this face, these hands,
this body that holds a lifetime of this living,
will, someday, no longer be here,
if you don’t get to take a single thing with you—


why spend a moment more refusing,
worrying about who might disapprove,
measuring every move
as if there is some fixed formula you must
find? Why hold tight to anything?

Why not, instead, love every honeyed drop of yourself,
why not leap into life—belly-laughing
and light, light like the soft kiss of moonlight,
light like the light that you are,
have always been, will always be—

why not take this quickly passing day
by the hand and dance
like there’s no tomorrow? And if you’re too tired
to dance, why not rest lightly here
just as you are?

Julia Fehernbacher

Open Floor

Open Floor Movement Practice is an embodied movement meditation practice dedicated to exploring and integrating the wisdom of many conscious movement practices.


5 Rhythms®

The 5 Rhythms® is a movement meditation practice that contributes to physical, mental and emotional health.


Self Compassion

With self-compassion we treat ourselves with kindness, care, understanding and support – Mindfulness allows us to turn toward painful feelings and “be” with them as they are.


Embodied Presence 9

A yearlong focused study in Compassion, Positivity and Resilience using Open Floor Movement Practice,Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Compassion and Up To Date Neuroscience.

The book I wrote based on my adventures- both physical and mental- cycling The Wild Atlantic Way

Against the Wind

from Endurance to Enjoyment

By Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig


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Embodied Brain – Mindful Movement and Neuroscience

Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig