Open Floor Movement Practice

Movement is life and life is movement.  Movement is the language of the brain. Most experts in health related disciplines agree that movement is central to our health and continued wellbeing. That is movement with mindful attention. When we bring mindful attention to our movement,-the movement of our physical bodies, feet, hips, heads, hands; the thoughts moving across our minds or the movement of feelings in and out of our hearts,- research has shown that the brain starts growing new neural connections, creating new pathways and possibilities for change.

If our movements are done automatically or mindlessly, this does not provide our brain with new information. On the contrary it tends to deepen already existing brain patterns which can contribute to deep-seated habits or a type of sameness to our everyday life and a loss of flexibility and fluidity in our bodies and minds.

Movements linked with mindful attention to our sensations, feelings and actions serve as rich sources of information to the brain. By paying mindful attention to our movements weariness can turn to vitality, curiosity and interest; rigid shoulders have possibilities to loosen, feet can become flexible, grounded and locked up emotions are given space for expression.

When we operate on automatic pilot, falling into habits and routines in the ways we move, think, and feel, we not only feel less alive, we also develop chronic joint pains and muscular strain; stuck thinking and a certain flatness in our emotional and physical lives. Routines can turn into ruts, we become predictable . Inertia becomes a way of being and we may find ourselves continually resisting any suggestions that might help change how we think, feel or act. Living too much out of habit, routines and sameness can strip us of our curiosity, vitality and new experiences.

Years of maintaining similar routines and movements that are repeated over and over in the same mindless ways, can become restrictive. Pain and physical discomfort affect our emotional and intellectual lives, limiting our responses to the world around us. This can all contribute to losing the zest for life.

Yet we do not need to be trapped by repetitious routines and painful limiting beliefs. When we bring mindful attention and awareness to our movements, our brains are able to use this new information to lay down new and life giving pathways to health. With mindful attention and awareness different movements are introduced and discomfort begins to disappear and is replaced with a sense of well-being, energy and increased zest for life.


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