Accidental Enlightenment part 2


Thank you to all of you that contacted me  after my last blog when I spoke about the new experience I am having of feeling stuck.

Well the  adventure has started and I have had the “amazing” realisation that  there is no such thing as stuck…………. Stuck for me is a word I use to cover up not wanting what is happening right now . So this time putting it out so publicly has made me  stop and truly reflect on what is happening right now.

The so called stuckness has revealed a whole other view of life to me.  Ram Dass is correct! I have had the chance to experience slowing down a very different view of stuck.  For me anything less than speedy felt stuck 🙁

I walked one foot after the other around a supermarket actually seeing the huge array of goods on each shelf and for once was able to stick to my list as carrying large loads is not part of life at present….

I have seen the dandalions beaming up as the sun shines overhead……

I have tracked nerve endings as pain has radiated through my body and been fascinated at where it started and where it ended……..

I’ve spent time watching two Jacob lambs ( a rare breed up here and very different from our usual lambs) play with one another in the farm up the road…….

I’ve heard streams trickling by as I walk slow by………..

I have felt fear under my skin as my thoughts ran riot about never moving fast and flexible again………..

I have taken more conscious deep breaths to support me staying steady……..

I have developed a huge appreciation for people who live with constant pain and how overwhelming and mind numbing it can be at times…….

I have grown to appreciate a chair and what it offers  as a support and thus a great warmth towards my students who have had the courage to use chairs or the floor as was to remain unstuck…..

I have open my eyes to the beauty of the part of the world where I have chosen to live,  instead of racing by with the great intention to stop when I have the time but not just now…….

I have found so much to be curious of  in the place I call “stuck”……….


  When you open yourself to the continually changing, impermanent, dying nature of your own being and of reality, 

you increase your capacity to love and care about other people and your capacity to trust. 

You’re able to keep your eyes , your heart  and your mind open.  

And you begin to think of your life as offering endless opportunities to start doing things differently.