Step back and Observe: Gentleness Unfolding…..

I do not often associate gentleness with the sunrise. So this morning I was very struck when that word entered my mind on my early morning cycle. I noticed how muted and quiet the colours were as they presented themselves through the parting clouds. Pale pink interspersed the overall grey , with  streaks of very pale orange creeping around the edges of the horizon. The sun began as a pale cream till it finally settled on clear  white and streamed through the clouds throwing its reflective beam on to the water at Cleggan Bay. As there was not a puff of wind, everywhere seemed to be infused with a gentle silence where this unfolding of the day to come could happen in a quiet muted way. I am usually on the look out for the drama of the sunrises around here, the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds that this one could so easily have past by unnoticed.

I am struck that as I become more and more mindful in everyday life I am being constantly presented with a variety of options to see, hear and listen to. In this I am also aware of how my conditioning plays out in each and every moment of my days as I evaluate things-good, bad, interstimg, boring, vibrant, dull etc

This morning provided me with an opportunity to step back from that cacophony of internal judgments and observe what was happening around me. And surprise, surprise a gentle pale unfolding of a day full of possibilities was happening, just there waiting for me to open my eyes, listen and observe. No drama, a quiet gentle unfolding……………