Sitting on a rare and beautiful evening here in Connemara , I  have time now to reflect on another weekend workshop. This time I was in Dublin offering Connections. This is a workshop based on taking time to notice how we make, break  and sustain connections in our lives. I was very struck by the use of the word “pleasure”  in the feedback. It was a pleasure to take the time for this exploration, was the experience of many who attended. And I think that was a surprise for us all 🙂

I have so often noted in workshops that we often approach them as if we were lacking, less than, not enough etc.  This one was no different at the introduction where each stated their intention. Yet at the end almost everyone left with the sense that they are good at connecting , even if they wish to pay mindful attention to some aspect. For me it was a great example of the usefulness of integrating the burgeoning information emerging on the workings of the brain (neuroscience) and the embodiment of the 5 Rhythms® movement practice.

I find the new information takes away  a lot of  the “blaming myself” for how I am and gives a greater understanding of how I became who I am now. And  that is not static- I can change with attention, mindfulness and support.

The 5 Rhythms® allows us over and over find the physical ways to make this change and to practice living this new found pathway to well being. It gives us practical hands on tools for health and well being.

Since the weekend I am more fired up about my semi sabbatical in 2013 as this is exactly what I want time to explore in depth- the link between neuroscience and 5 Rhythms. I want to be able to offer sound information that can facilitate  movement towards health  and well being in whatever guise that is for each individual who steps on to the dance floor in one of my workshops.

I look forward to beginning that focused teaching in my only offering for 2013 the Shadow and Light On going in Dublin. All the details for booking are on the website. I do hope I can entice many of you to consider joining me in this exciting exploration.

In the meantime I look forward to the reflections on the workshops for the rest of this term as they happen. :):):)