What a difference a day makes……

I woke this morning to the sound of silence  and realised there was no wind blowing outside. Through the cracks in the window blinds I could see  what seemed like sunlight. I got up to check and lo and behold  I was greeted by a vast blue sky and bright sunshine. I could hardly believe my eyes as I have become so accustomed to grey skies and mist covered mountains these last few months 🙁   I also felt  a deep  blessing well up inside me as I had nowhere to drive to today, I could be at home in the mountains taking full advantage of this beautiful day.

As I stood outside my front door looking down on Lough Inagh as it glistened in the morning sun I felt  the cool of the morning air on my skin and and the beginnings of moments of warmth from the sun.

I donned my cycling gear and headed of on my usual circle for the first time in months not having to battle strong winds, or be soaked to the skin with rain or mist. I could actually cycle with my head up  feeling the sun on my face. As I rode up my mountain road I could see the fullness of the Maumturk and Twelve Bens mountain ranges. I even saw Mweelrea the highest mountain in Connaught  as it displayed its quirky shaped top. The shadows  and light reflections in the lake were a delight to behold. And I realised how much I had missed  the blue sky and the warmth of the sun these last months. Although I do try to practice gratitiude for whatever turns up I did feel a  gratitude that ran a little deeper for this beautiful day amd made the decision to be present to as much of it as I possibly could. So I did what I have been longing to do for months moved all my work, -books, notes and laptop outside and spent all day in  the sun and quiet.

As I sat on my swing watching the sunset in a blaze of pink and grey I gave thanks for having had the presence of mind to make my intention for the day to be present, to experience as much as I could of this glorious day and to not fast forward to hoping it will last . Now I feel a sense of  peace  and a spacious inside  and a deep regard for the power of the sun to lift my spirits. So as the song says: “what a difference a day makes , just 24 little hours……”