The brain, the dance and the farmer on-growing group!!!

“The older I get, the more I think that it’s not the flashy insights or lofty language that matter most, but what we do down-to-earth, in the trenches: it’s how we practice in daily life – how we incline the heart, how we manage reactions, how we try to  learn and grow – that makes all the difference over time. Besides the personal benefits, this world needs sincere practice. My hope is that a critical mass of human brains can come home to our fundamentally peaceful, happy, and loving nature: the foundation of a peaceful and sustainably prosperous world” Rick Hansen

When I read this quote from Rick Hansen it spoke to me of the 5 days we spent last week on the start of the Heartbeat Ongoing Group here in Connemara. We began our exploration with inclining our hearts towards the emotion of Fear.

We took the time  like a really good farmer to plough the soil well,-( we are  almost ready to enter next year’s National Ploughing Championships!!!).

We  then had a steady base from which to open the door and allow some of our fears to emerge, be witnessed and to begin the process of making friends with them. We looked at the way our brains and bodies have been shaped by our fears  over the years.  And we found very down-to-earth tools to help us develop a more healthy relationship to fear- how to turn it into a source of protection.

One member of the group began to call it the “on-growing group” ….another the “brain, the dance and the farmer ” because of all the images and metaphors that were used throughout  🙂

All in all we had a rich time together and on the Saturday the gods and godesses of  fine weather gave us a truly beautiful day in Connemara  where swimming, climbing and strolls through the amazing landscapes of the West Coast of Ireland were just rewards for all our explorations.


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